Schnitzer Country


Manual Grain Mill
The large stones and long handle make for easy and efficient grinding of your grains. This appliance is easy to operate and will supply the desired amount of flour or cereal without great effort.

The Country is beautifully designed with a wood base and metal hopper. It has an infinitely adjustable setting – which is easily set at the turn of a knob – enabling you to produce a wide range of ground product from fine flour for baking, to coarse ground or cracked grains for cereals. The self-sharpening basalt and magnetite stones enable coarse grinding of oily seeds, or fine ground oily seeds when ground on a 1:1 ratio with wheat or rye.

The Country can be used to grind your choice of grains or seeds as small as millet through to the size of corn (not popping corn).

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Once the steel table mount is securely fastened to counter or tabletop, your output at 80 revolutions per minute is 80g fine to 130g coarse.
Length 36 cm (14.17″)
Width 17 cm (6.69″)
Height 52 cm (20.47″)
Weight 8.0 kg (17.64 lbs)
Funnel capacity 1 kg (2.2 lbs).

Additional information

Weight 20.6 lbs
Dimensions 12 x 16 x 19 in