About Us

Bio Supply provides machines and accessories for the natural kitchen, enabling you to produce fresh and healthy food at home. Whether you’re following a raw diet, bulletproof diet, primal diet, paleo diet, wild diet, gluten free diet, vegan diet, traditional diet, or simply wish to eat more nutritious foods with more flavour, we can help you achieve these goals. We ensure that our ceramic fermentation crock pots, grain mills, flakers, juicers, sprouters and accessories are manufactured with the highest care and best materials, giving you a beautiful addition to your kitchen that is proven in functionality, longevity and simplicity.

Looking to make fermented food such as sauerkraut, kimchi, pickled beets, pickled cucumbers (aka pickles!) or other vegetables?

Want to make your own fresh grain flours or flakes from oats, wheat, kamut, spelt, flax seed and other grains or seeds?

Planning to boost your health & vitality with raw juices from vegetables, leafy greens, sprouts, grasses, and fruits?

Interested in sprouting fresh alfalfa, broccoli, nuts, seeds, and bean medleys at home?

Bio Supply has all of the appliances, tools, accessories, information and support you will need to get started. Taste the difference with freshly rolled oats, enjoy the increase in energy from freshly pressed juice, optimize digestive health with lactic acid fermented foods. Our products will help you get the most out of your food to improve the health & vitality of the entire family.

Please check out our products page for more information on fermentation crock pots, juicers, flakers, grain mills, sprouters and more!

All of these quality products are available in our store or by mail order to Canada and the United States. For directions to the incredible health stores that carry our products, please visit our Driving Directions page.

The History of Bio Supply Ltd.

When we arrived from Germany in 1957, we noticed that British Columbians did not have access to the high-quality natural kitchen accessories we depended upon for our health and vitality at home. After many years of pondering this, and finding ways to work around it, we decided to start a family business dedicated to spreading our knowledge of health-enhancing traditional European foods and cooking methods. This is how Bio Supply was born. In 1987, we opened our store to offer natural kitchen appliances, tools, and accessories – and information on the methods and health benefits of these time-honoured traditions – to health-conscious Victorians here in British Columbia, Canada. Little did we know how far this would spread…

We began our partnerships with Schnitzer, one of the leading grain mill companies in the world. Their quality in production and concern for the nutritional value remaining in foods processed by their equipment matched our own strict values. We became the importer for Schnitzer products in Canada. Grain mills, flakers, and grain silos began our enterprise to bring healthier food to our fellow British Columbians.

We soon realized that these sorts of products were not only difficult to find in British Columbia, but across Canada and the United States as well. It was not long before we began shipping orders from coast to coast in North America.

Since our early days, we have always partnered with the best, and have added many top companies to our catalogue through the years, including Schnitzer, Schmitt & Sohn, Harsch, Eschendfelder, Champion, Green Star, Bosch, KitchenAid, Biosta, Braun, and Alive Books. We are rigorous in our efforts to make sure that the products we carry meet the highest standards in manufacturing to ensure you receive a quality product that will last you and your family for many years.

To this day, the company is owned and operated by the same folks who started it in 1987. We are still involved with every aspect of every order, from customer service to packing to shipping, ensuring that your order is processed correctly and efficiently. Our standards are high because this is who we are – this is our life, and it is in our blood. We want to keep the traditions alive and share good health with as many people as possible – we all deserve the richness this brings!